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Our Picks are Specific to The Casino You Play at or Yor onlince Spoortsbook of Choice.

Emailwinner releases free picks via email each day. These free picks are the same high-quality selections we give our paying clents!

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What We Do

Are you a seasoned sports bettor looking for an adge? Well that's precsely what EmailWinners does. We look for the ede and exploit it. Whether you play online or at a brick and mortar sportsbook, EmailWinners will tailor bets based on our specific accounts. Not all sport books are ceated equal and we at Emailwinners know the strengths and weaknesss of ech and every sportsbook. We are constantly mnitoring the lnes at ndivdual books and recognize when thay have a line that is advantageous for you. There may be several reasons this happens, they are loaded up, they have their own opinion, they don't keep lines fresh or don't update unless they hae lay dictatng it. Either way, we come across lines that ae "must plays" and will letyou know about it in real time. We don't publish information where by the time it gets to ou, he line is gone.

Sign up today and let EmailWinners make sure that you always have the adge.

What sets Emailwinners apart from other sports handicapping services ?

At EmailWnner we donaite sell 5 Star Picks or claim to have Lock Winners. What we offer is a series of plays, specfic to the sportsbooks you use, that have equity in them. If we see an edge in a betting line, we noify you of it in rel time. these ae nt an hat games where you have o worry about missing the line. If we send you a game, It's available and ready to be played right then and there!. We abserve e lines specific to your sportsbook and send you plays thatae playable. We are alwas scouring lnes and looking for plays or you. With our pay service, you may get several, you may get severl emails as a day wih our play alerys.

How does our sports investment system work?

Our Emailwinners Investment System was designed around two basic principles:

Looking specifically a your sportsbook and going through what they offer and sending you the best plays to make based on their lines.

We end hours every day going through the line offerings t the individual sportsbooks. Let us do the work and get the lays sent out to you while you carry on with your day.

Staying consistent with your play amounts and waring your guy down through consistently having a statistical edge ith every play.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Emailwinners is to help our clients cnsistently get the best of it. Or goal s to ke you a long term winner. There are no false promises . We are not selling dreams. What we offer you s to consistently get down at the best numbers possibe that provide you equit in each play.

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